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Ambition: Strategy War Game

Ambition: Strategy War Game

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Hitler has taken France and is marching on Russia. Great Britain is preparing for coastal invasion. Japanese forces have sacked Pearl Harbor, and America now prepares for war. It is a time of great men, great machines, and even greater stakes. The future of the world hangs in the balance, and only the valor of many can withstand the ambition of one. This is a time for heroes. This is World War II. This is Ambition.

As the most advanced and robust strategy board game on the App Store, Ambition gives you all the control, and allows you to focus on winning through intense strategic calculation. Don’t be held back by generic rules or a lack of options - command your troops on three different maps using a mind-boggling amount of options and possible settings.

Ambition features:
- 5 different maps
- Option to control 9 different countries
- Over 30 rules and 50 unit settings
- Ability to play with your friends online or in person via pass-and-play
- Take your turn when you want - don’t be locked down in real-time games

- World War II: Basic
- World War II: 1941
- World War II: 1942
- WWII: Basic Europe*
- WWII: Basic Pacific*

Do you have what it takes to win World War II?

*Maps denoted with an asterisk require a $0.99 in-app purchase.

While Ambition does support the iPhone 4s, we strongly recommend using an iPhone 5/iPad 2 or newer device for an optimal experience.


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