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Auto-Shutoff Alarm Clock

Auto-Shutoff Alarm Clock

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Want an alarm clock that automatically shuts off so you don't have to get out of bed? Does your alarm wake up the whole house? Then this is the alarm clock for you!


* Displays current time on screen.
* Unlimited Alarm Options
* Alarms automatically shut off after specified duration (10-50 seconds)
* Repeatable Alarms by Weekly Pattern
* Full iOS11 and iPhone X Support

Important: For the alarm to be triggered, you must leave this application open. Closing the program or the iPhone will prevent the alarm from waking you up. Please also make sure your ringer volume is loud enough to wake you up. Make sure to plug in your device to prevent battery drain from not waking you up.

Note: If you are using an iPod Touch first generation, make sure to plug in external speakers to hear the alarm.


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