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Don't Starve Pocket Edition-Character unlock&enhancement Download

Don't Starve Pocket Edition-Character unlock&enhancement

Don't Starve Pocket Edition-Character unlock&enhancement

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Version:  1.08   |   Update:

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If you find the game screen display size does not match, please go to the game - set the modified HUD size
What's enhanced:
1. Chester moves faster, can not be attacked, in Chester form on the map shows the eye bone.
2. Unlock the whole person.
3. Boomerang automatic access.
4. Modify the durability of individual items.
5. * All characters modified.

A. Wilson comes with a technology (because it is a scientist, to have culture), every 8 seconds back to a blood, can be used to call the shadow of prospecting rod.
B. Weiluo own light (only to ensure that the immortal), from temperature, light lighter light and can cook food, near the fire back to the brain damage faster, equipped with fire A do not consume durable.
C. Wendy, night brain salvage values ​​fall more slowly (most people one-third), Abigail flowers can now be planted into Abigail, Abigail to take Abigail flowers.
D. Woody through the equipment Lucy ax magic transfiguration, and turned only fall Lucy ax and hat, woke up near the biological hypnosis. Lucy ax can be mining, turned after jumping directly to the next day.
E. Weiss's balloon damage and range enhancement (60 attack), making faster, and will not hurt themselves.
F. The robot is attacked with a 20% chance to trigger a shield that lasts 3 seconds (cd5 seconds).
G. Wolfgang than before is not easy to become weak, no longer afraid of the night (the night out of brain damage for most people half), eat more meat to restore hunger, the use of large meat rods will not change with freshness and reduce the attack, You can eat monster meat, ignoring the freshness of food, comes with 5% of the aoe damage.
H. Valkyrie bring their own injuries reduced to one-third increase in blood-sucking, you can eat vegetables, you can eat monster meat.
Librarian comes with all the magic science and technology, you can sleep, do not hate expired food, back to brain damage.
J. Maxwell comes with a magic, shadow shadow deduction 15 blood, 40 brain damage consumption, equipment, not a long-lasting shadow.
K. Weber is not hostile to pigs and other people, not spider damage.

6. Death does not drop items.
7. Item column increases.
8. Eye turret can be transported, weaken the damage, Gongsu upgrade.
9. Death does not drop equipment.
10. * The thermometer as a gold storage bank, get 3% interest per day (gold superimposed 999).
11. Wall automatically back to the blood.
12. Bigfoot does not cause harm to people.
13. * Signs can be sent to each other (given a base material, and supports up to two road signs back and forth), warm stone can be equipped with post-cast can be sent to the road sign (cost 15 hunger).
14. * Added item synthesis (beard, live wood, boss item exchange)
15. * Compass cast after switching perspective.
16. * Cave also shows the number of days in the evening can show the moon phase.
17. * 70 scales of giant scales chest.
18. * Modify item number font size (to prevent digital overlay items icon).
19. ham bar can eat. (25 hungry 30 blood 15 brain damage)
20. Lights put the ground need to turn off the lantern can be picked up (card unlimited lamp, to prevent hand cheap).
21. Tent unlimited use.
22. * Manufacturing trophy as an item repair machine, spend 40 gold can repair up to 4 things, you can restore freshness, durability, and anyway, and the new are the same.
23. * The gage becomes an item shredder, and you do not want to put it inside. Click Delete to disappear forever.
24. * Random pickle shop, spend 3 gold, it is possible to get any good ingredients.
25. * Mining can burst precious stones, yellow green orange 3%, red and blue violet 6%, a certain probability of explosion marble. Gold ore and saltpeter mine is not modified.
26. Multi-functional tools more practical (can mining, felling, digging, knocking)
27. * modify the boss time, to faster.
28. Dog teeth trap automatically reset after 5 seconds, and can be stacked.
29. wearing a jungle cap can be quickly removed, and eat stool.
30. * Three boxes to start the items modified, more suitable for harsh environments.
31. * Shadow lights into the oven, spend 3 gold, you can grill up to 4 groups of food, into the butter to generate waffles, into the goat milk to produce ice cream, placed in the lattice can also warm stone heating (and the role of the refrigerator in contrast).
32. Penguin ice can be removed with a shovel.
33. Production of meat statue does not buckle blood upper limit
34. * Equipment thulium mine medal cast can display ruler, obsessive-compulsive disorder player artifact, different from the ruler mod, this scale is only a reference role.
35. bird in the bird cage can not be removed, unless the bird cage destroyed.
36. The wall can only be knocked out once the character is hit.
37. * Insulation bags can be carried, but not equipped.
38. Amulet equipment in the head.
39. * Mole cap and magic light talisman exhausted fuel does not disappear, you can re-use by adding fuel.
40. banana transplant, with 6 banana species of banana trees.
41. * Needling shrubs can be removed moss, different from the cave 2 layers of moss plexus, dug can still fall after the branches.
42. Use 20 fluorescent flowers and one three fluorescent flowers.
43. Star Staff can add fuel (similar to Miner cap).
44. meat rack and cooking pot of things will not be bad.
45. * Give the wormhole an arbitrary item, you can carry wormhole (shown as a leaf icon), remember not to put the wormhole on the body and then save and exit, it will make wormhole failure, be sure to save before the wormhole on the ground .
46. ​​Lightning sheep can squeeze goat milk, once a day, get sheep goat lightning bolt will attack the protagonist.
47. * Wood walls as automatic doors, characters can be approached close.
48. three-piece set to strengthen the ancient.
49. * Stool can be equipped, lost stool attack will make the enemy lose the target, and feces yellow (damage to 15, less than half of the spear damage).
50. To remove the warnings that the world is too complex.
51. Hounds come random hostile creatures.
52. Season bosses appear on the map as bee mines.
53. long press the box can be turned into gorgeous box or skull box (with a hammer to drop gorgeous box or skull box can not afford to board).
54. Fern potted plants can be close to the restoration of brain damage, bees and butterflies, can pick a butterfly every day.
55. Sticky worms can be caught with traps.
56. Shrimp to bring the land will not form a stone shrimp nest, there will not be too late Shashi shrimp card game situation, will take the initiative to attack monsters.
57. The mad pig has a one-third chance to drop a beard.
58. to the birds cage broth fall deadly feast, random plus 10 to 50 hunger, 10 to 40 blood and 10 to 30 brain damage.
59. kill four seasons boss will fall chest.
60. pond winter can also be fishing, frog pond near the long carrot, marsh pond near the long fluorescent.
61. with a tentacle leather pond.
62. rabbit with a rabbit nest.
63. You can give rabbit room flint, stone, saltpeter for ice.
64. Butterflies can also be locked into a cage.
65. eat ancient rhinoceros horn calf, eat the eye appears lightning sheep.
66. Devtool.
67. Tactical map showing the bones, human bones show ruins.
68. Death does not delete files.
69. The saltpeter can fuel the Mole cap.
70.Monster> 3.
71. Red sapphires can be interchangeable, saltpeter can be produced.
72. Cave can use big feet.
73. Shadow creatures can be attacked by other creatures.
74. Adventure mode will also appear boss.
75. to give just cut down the conifer stump grass sweep will become raccoon hole, to give just cut down the oak willow basket will become a monkey barrel.
76. monkeys are not stealing, drop items modified.
77. State often.
78. Monkeys in the second floor of the cave outside the place will change at night.
79. The raccoon cat follows the character and becomes strong.
80. Niu Mao can sew things, the effect is half the sewing bag.
81. Four seasons boss and the ancient rhinoceros blood each 1000.
82. High hat into an automatic planter, you can grow conifers, berry, grass, saplings, acupuncture shrubs, into the appropriate number of roots or pineal, a transplant 10, the other can grow blue and green mushrooms, with 40 10 species.
83. Piranha seeds can be eaten, after eating all the crops grow, the effect is similar to the magic book, but the scope of the whole world.


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