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MyCalculator -Lock photos & video protecter Download

MyCalculator -Lock photos & video protecter

MyCalculator -Lock photos & video protecter

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Version:  3.0   |   Update:

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MyCalculator can hide your photos and videos behind a calculator.
What everyone can see is just an ordinary calculator.
Until you type in your secret passcode it became a private storage app in which you can hide your most secret photos, videos, and more.
So you no need to worry about people accidentally stumbling across your 'special' movies or files any more.

Some of the features:
1) Convenience:
You can add your ‘SPECIAL’ photos&videos into MyCalculator
, we provides many convenient ways:
1. From Photo App(Camera Roll) ;
2. From iTunes File Sharing Sync;
3. From WiFi Transfer;
4. From in App Camera;

2) Security:
1. secret passcode is needed when access photo&video privacy;
2. Decoy passcode to cover your real privacy;
3. Folder passcode - Further protection to keep people out of your private folders;
4. Hidden Folder - Special way to make files&folders invisible;

3) More than you can imagine:
1. Use as a normal calculator app;
2. Send files via email;
3. Export files to Camera Roll & Computer;
4. Sort flies by date/type/size/name;
5. Multiple formats Support:
6. Image: png,jpg,jpeg,bmp,tiff,tif,BMPf,ico,cur,xbm
7. Video: mov,mp4,mpv,3gp;


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