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Never Hillary Clinton

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My name is Walker Haber. I'm 13 years old and from Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Ever since my mom ran for Senate, I realized that everybody loves to pick on the candidate. I came up with this idea for a Hillary app about a year ago, and finally I'm able to play it and share it with others. Turn on your volume. The game opens with the scene of the White House. Similar to the game wack-a-mole, you tap on Hillary's face whenever you see her pop up in the window. Listen for her actual quotes. You get a point for every successful tap on her face. If you miss more than 5 times, the game is over. The game speeds up as your score rises. Once you get your highest score, you can send a message to your friends asking them to try and beat your score. My high score is 96. Good luck, and let me know how you like it. Thanks. Walker.


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