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Parallyzed: Surreal Platform Runner Download

Parallyzed: Surreal Platform Runner

Parallyzed: Surreal Platform Runner

Category:  Arcade   |
Version:  1.1.1   |   Update:

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Parallyzed is an atmospheric adventure platformer with unique gameplay, set in a dark and enchanting dreamscape.

Blue and Red are deeply-connected twin sisters with very different personalities, abilities, and attributes. One day, in a moment of jealousy, Red pushes Blue off a swing, paralyzing her. Devastated, Red realizes she can enter Blue's mind and, working together, help her sister emerge from the coma and return to waking life.

You play both sisters simultaneously. Red and Blue have the ability to swap bodies at any time. Help them make their way through an ever-difficult, spooky landscape that keeps trying to block their progress. Each sister's color and size must overcome the color and size of each dimension's obstacles.

Tap the right of the screen to swap, left to jump.

Split your mind in two and get lost in the unparalleled beauty of Parallyzed!


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