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Timebox Photo Journal

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Timebox automatically creates an elegant daily journal from your photos, videos and calendar.

Each day Timebox makes a daily photo story in your journal from all the photos and videos you took that day. You can customize and enrich your stories with your own words so you can better remember your trips, adventures, parties, weddings and fun times. Enjoy exploring and sharing your stories any time. Permanently keep your favorite stories for yourself and your loved ones, by making printed books, ebooks, movies and other gifts.

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• AUTOMATIC - Timebox instantly makes all the photos and videos in your Camera Roll and Photo Library into daily photo stories.
• MAPS - Timebox automatically adds maps to your stories using the GPS locations in the photos and videos in the story.
• ADD TEXT - You can add as many of your own words as you want to each story, including titles, captions, notes, places, descriptions and tags. All searchable.
• CUSTOMIZE - Change the arrangement of any story, add & remove photos and make new stories.

• EXPLORE - Explore and enjoy your stories on a scrollable timeline with instant navigation to specific year, month and day.
• SYNC - Automatically sync your stories via iCloud to all your devices.

• MAKE MOVIES - Make slideshow movies that include all the photos, videos, Live Photos and text from your stories.
• SHARE - Share your stories and movies whenever you want via Mail (including MailDrop), Message, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr and most social networks.
• MAKE BOOKS - Produce ebooks, hardcover books and other printed gifts from any single story or a combination of stories.

If you like to take photos, write something about them and occasionally share and print the stories - Timebox is for you. Take photos and videos as usual. Add your writing. Timebox does the organizing so you can find your story later. You keep the memories. Simple.

No uploading. No new accounts. No ads.


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