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Health Is Wealth—Recommend 8 Best Health Apps

With the quick development of economy and society, many people spend lots of time on working in order to make money. High-intensive work and less time exercising made many people get illness. Healthy body is basis of everything. So how to keep health in such fast-paced Life? Today, I will recommend 10 best health apps for you guys.



1. iTriage - Health, Doctor, and Symptoms search

Save your time to find a doctor or physician. Use iTriage, you will find a doctor or physician quickly and easily

2. FitnessClass

There are many stream workouts video in FitnessClass. It is very convenient to do exercise at home.


3. EyeXam

Do eye care and protect your eyes.


4. uHear

Test your hearing to determine if it is within the normal range

5. Diabetes and Blood Glucose Tracker by MyNetDiary

 To help you to control diabetes and pre-diabetes.

6. Pacer

Best way to keep healthy is running. Pacer can save a history of your runs for future reference.


7. Waterlogged+ - Premier Water Tracker Plus Remiders

Drinking water is very important for keeping healthy.

8.Health Tips

Have variety of tips that are all about health.

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Health is wealth. Don't forget to keep healthy under tough working.


Edited by Eric on 2017.3.2

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