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Apple's New Product AirPods Comes Out—Wireless Headphone Is Not A Dream

2016 is a big year for Apple Company. Last week, Apple Company CEO Tim Cook met Donald Trump. And What talking about most recently is that iPhone 8 is coming. Besides those, is there another big event happened in Apple? Absolutely! Apple Company's new product AirPods finally comes out. Wireless headphone is not a dream.



Wireless charging, wireless headphone, it seems like Apple Company prefers wireless things. And now, people can buy Apple's wireless earbuds for prices $160.It is not cheap. However, comparing with other wireless earbuds, AirPods is cheaper. Samsung Gear iconix costs for $199 and Jabra Elite Sport costs for $239.

AirPods 1

Besides AirPods price, there is another issue people are concerning about: do AirPods fall out when running or jumping?

Normal headphone has wire. So people don't worry about losing. However, for AirPods, there is no wire at all. And you know AirPods are not cheap. If lose one, it will cost much. Sounds very serious.But don't worry. Some Twitter users make tests and find out that AirPods didn't fall out.


They rolled in the ground, jumped high and ran fast. And these can't make AirPods fall out. So there is no need to worry about stability of AirPods. And another good news is if you lose one earbud, the other earbud still works. You can replace earbud cost $69 each.


AirPods can do lots. Like take calls, play music and send Siri requests. And they can also work in abdroid products. If you like, you can try.

Written by Elizabeth on 2016.12.22.

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