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Free Bloons TD 5 in vShare VIP

If you like tower defense game, then you must like this five-star tower defense game—Bloons TD 5. Bloons TD 5 has a very high replayability that many players play again and again. Lovely monkey in the game is also preferred by so many people. Such good and interesting game, of course, is not free. Its price is $2.99 in App Store and Google Play. However, vShare always gives you surprise. Bloons TD 5 is free in vShare VIP.

Get free Bloons TD 5 in vShare VIP

vshare vip

Note:vShare VIP is for iOS users only. 

1.Click here to visit http://www.vshare.com/down_vshare_vip/(use Safari only)

2.Select "Install".

3.Install UDID. 

4.Then you need to complete payment. vShare VIP is $9.99 a year. However, enter the discount code:vshare630419, you will save $2. At last, pay $7.99 is okay.

vshare vip 1

5.Write your Email.

6. Receive an installation box and install it.

7.After completing installing, search Bloons TD 5 in vShare VIP.

8.If you can't install vShare VIP or have any problem of vShare VIP, please contact cursumer service: vipservice@vshare.com.

9.Or you can follow vShare's Face-Book account:vShare

Getting free Bloons TD 5 is easy. Just pay $7.99 to buy vShare VIP and you can get many free games. 

Getting free vShare VIP is not easy. However,It is worth to try. vShare VIP is for 1 year. If you invite 10 friends to use your coupon code (after purchasing vShare VIP, you will get a 2 dollar coupon code),you will have a chance to get free vShare VIP for second year. 

Wrote by Elise on March 29th 2017.