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Buy vShare VIP or Bye vShare VIP?

If there is something that you need but sometimes you hate. That proves this thing is valuable for you now and you want it to be better. And it is what vShare VIP is.

vShare VIP 1


I know that you need vShare VIP. Because vShare VIP has many free paid games and apps. (For instance, Minecraft is free. Final Fantasy VII is free. NAVIGON Europe is free.) It also has some apps and games that App Store doesn't have, like popular movie box and play box.


Some featured functions that make you exciting are in vShare VIP too. Functions of Applications To Open makes it possible to install three Face-Book or Twitter apps in one phone at the same time. Function of Unlimited Golds Games makes players to get a lot of gold coins at the beginning of game. It means you can beat other players when games are not on.

vShare VIP


However, you hate vShare VIP sometimes. And you want to say bye to vShare forever. Why buyers hate what they have bought. Reasons are very simple and clear. For example, vShare VIP always get crashed. vShare VIP doesn't update apps. Apps didn't work after installing. Apps get crashed. And why movie box is not the newest version? Why apps that I want can't be found in vShare VIP? Why some apps in vShare VIP is so old?


These reasons are true. Because I got them from Face-book of vShare.


I feel sorry for these problmes that makes you dissatisfied and annoying. I have reflected all the problems to engineers of vShare VIP. And I am very grateful that you can tell me the problems.


I know these problems annoyed you. And sometimes you want your money back and say bye to vshare. But, communication is important. Don't say bye to vShare VIP. If vShare VIP occurred problems or what you need can't find, just send an email to consumer service(vipservice@vshare.com) and reflect the problems in detail. Or you can find vShare in Face-book and follow and leave a message. Anyway, the problems that you reflected and apps you need, I will collect them all and send to engineers of vShare.


So, don't hate vShare VIP. Don't say bye to vShare VIP. We want you to satisfy and say "Buy vShare VIP".


Wrote by Rose on May 25th 2017.

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