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FAQ for the New version vShare

vShare has a new version, and you may have some doubts about new version. Following are the FAQ for new version vshare. All things you want to know about vshare are answered.

1.Why we install vshare through PC?

Downloading vShare through PC can solve the flashback of the apps you have downloaded.

2.How to download vShare Helper?

Visit www.vshare.com on your PC. Then you can download the latest vShare Helper. Note that it just supports Windows system.

3.How to download vShare VIP?

Visit www.vshare.com in Safari. Then you can download vShare VIP. Use coupon code "vshare 666666", you can save $2. 

4.How to download vShare SE in your iOS device?

After downloading vShare Helper on your computer, connect your iOS device with vShare Helper and then vShare will be installed by default in your devices after the installation of “iTunesdriver”. After that, you can search and download apps or games for free on vShare.

5.How to do if the downloaded app crash?

Go to vShare “Setting”-“Reauthorization”, and follow the detailed steps. If it failed, please delete the old one, and then re-downloaded it in vShare.

6.How to do if vShare pop up “Please insert your Apple ID” when you are downloading?

If this happens to you, please connect your iOS device to vShare Helper, click “Reauthorization”, and then reopen the app. 

If it failed, please delete the old one and then re-download it.

If the issue still exists, please send us the app’s name, and we will fix it ASAP.

7.How to do if “Install” button doesn’t work when apps have been downloaded?

When you click “Install” it will popup the installation note. If not, you can back to Home screen to check the progress. 

If you clicked “Install” for many times but still failed, you can restart your iOS device and try again.

Edited by Rose from Face-Book of vShare on June 5th 2017.