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Watch Free Movies with Moviebox

If you want to see a movie, there is two choice for you. One is go to cinema. However, cinema doesn't play previous and old movies. Another choice is watch movies in YouTube. You can see many previous and best movies with YouTube. vShare want to recommend you the third choice—Moviebox. With Moviebox, you can watch paid movies for free. Moviebox is a very useful app to watch best and free movies.


How to get Moviebox?

Moviebox is only in vShare. You can't find Moviebox at App Store and Google Play. So if you want to watch free movies, you should download a vShare.

iOS users install vShare SE or buy vShare VIP

vShare SE

vShare VIP

What is

Apps market for iOS

Apps market for iOS


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How much


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Click to see how to install vShare SE

Click to see how to install vShare VIP

Android users install vShare market

vShare Market is for android users. And the most simple way to get vShare Market is to search www.vshare.com with your phone. Find vShare Market which is a blue icon with double "v" and download it directly.

vshare market

If you want to see tutorial, click here to see how to download vShare Market.

After installing vShare, you can find Moviebox and download it. Come to watch free movies with Moviebox.


Wrote by Eric on March 3th 2017.