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Best Gift for Mother's Day

Mother's Day is coming. What gifts do you prepare for your mother? Carnation is must-have, maybe some delicious food is also okay. But there is a gift that has something special and something fun. That is vShare VIP.



Maybe you know that vShare VIP is an app market that has many free paid games. And you also know vShare VIP is $9.99 for one year. But in Mother's Day, you can buy vShare VIP just for $7.99 a year. And your mother will have many free paid games or apps to play. In Mother's Day, you can save more than 2$ to buy vShare VIP.


In vShare VIP, there is an area named infinite Coins Apps. It means in some specific games, gold coins, gems or lives can reach upper limit. The original gold in game Simcity is zero. However, if you download Simcity in vShare VIP, the original gold of Simcity will be 9,999,999. Such games can only find in vShare VIP's Infinite column.


Mothers will like play such simple and rewarding games. They always like something free. Choose vShare VIP as gift of Mother's Day, mothers will satisfy.


On Mother's Day, buying vShare VIP as gift for your mother will save money. Don't forget to use coupon code vshare 666666 when you are purchasing.


Wrote by vShare on May 11th 2017.