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iPhone 10th Anniversary-It has been 10 years since Steve Jobs unveiled the first iPhone

On September 9th 2007,Apple company unveiled their first iPhone. And from now, there are 10 years. Today is the iPhone 10th anniversay. Happy Birthday to Apple. And do Apple have a birthday wish? Maybe they wish that sales volume of iPhone can go up or wish they can know more about Apple users.

Steve Jobs unveiled first iPhone


Yes, sales volume of iPhone occurred declining. It is the first time. And because of declining, Apple company lowered salary of all employees. However, can method of lowering salary make sales volume of iPhone go up? Maybe senior executives of Apple should concern more about their products and users.

first iPhone performance


For pursuing perfect product, Steve Jobs can do very well. The first iPhone is made by Steve Jobs. When the iPhone unveiled, it cause very high attention. The first iPhone combines three products:a revolutionary mobile phone, a widescreen iPod with touch controls, and a breakthrough Internet communications device with desktopclass email, web browsing, maps, and searching. Before the first iPhone unveiling, many of us were using slide phone and clamshell handset with a broad keypad. So In 2007,iPhone's touch screen is totally a revolution.

iPhone 10th Anniversary


iPhone's 10 years are also Apple fans' 10 years. Lots of people are addicted in iPhone's excellent and unique performance. And even professional developers prefers Apple products. But now, there are many disappointed sounds about Apple products, like Airpot and Mac series. It is a long time that Airpot and Mac products didn't update. And there is a rumor that Apple company has relieved research and development department of Airpot.

iPhone fans


2017 is Apple's 10th year. And it is not a easy year. In new year, Apple company faces many challenges. For a big and excellent company, if you want to go far, maybe you need to be pursuit of excellence and don't forget your wisdom in essence:just like Steve Jobs, be perfectionism in products.


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