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Why iPhone 8 Is the Most Expensive iPhone Ever?

At the fall of 2017, iPhone 8 will be released to the public. That makes people so excited, because iPhone 8 has advanced features and new form factor. iPhone 8 is a great work for Apple 10th Anniversary. However, there is one thing that makes consumer feel unhappy. A new research relays that iPhone 8 will be the most expensive iPhone ever. But why iPhone 8 is so expensive?



According to the research, base level iPhone 8 will cost $1000. That means, comparing with iPhone 7 plus (Apple's top of line), base level iPhone 8 is upwards of $130.


Rumors has unveiled that iPhone 8 adds considerable components. By analyzing  iPhone 8 components, the research found the 5.8-inch OLED display alone adds $35.


1.5.8OLED screen (adds $35)

2.No bezel, all screen

3.3D sensing (adds $20)

4.Better, faster NAND/DRAM memory (adds $16 to $29)

5.Capacity starting at 128GB

6.A11 processor

7.No home button

8.Biometric authentication


In one word, you pay more and you get more. Those are the reasons that why iPhone 8 is the most expensive iPhone ever.


Wrote by Rose on May 17th 2017.