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iPhone 8 - Does everyone need it?

It is said that iPhone 8 will be released on September 12th . Every September Apple's new products release conference drives millions of Apple fans crazy. Especially this coming September. The coming conference is unique not only for Apple company, but for the smart phone market.

iPhone 8

There are many rumors about iPhone 8 since one year ago. For it's the ten years anniversary of Apple, iPhone 8 is deemed to be unique. People are expect that iPhone 8 will subvert the traditional smart phone market. So many people hope it can be the best iPhone ever.

Why people put so much focus on it? Because Apple are dedicate to change the world with their products, and the did it! Since the first iPhone was released, more and more people turn to use Apple's products. Fortunately, Apple never let us down. They keep developing better products for us. 

As an Apple fan, I was attracted by it's beautiful outlook, delicate design and the most important thing is never struck. Some will say, be careful an iPhone can change into brick, it will suddenly shut down. But I will say, nothing can be flawless. And the Apple company are trying to be perfect. In another way, it has more functions beyond my imagination. In this way, it deserves people's crazy love and high reputation.

For the past products are so excellent, will iPhone 8 has some innovations can deserve the "best"? People's high expectation may give Apple a big pressure. Will it good enough to meet people's censorious demand?

iPhone 8-2

According to some officially rumor, the new iPhone has a dual lens camera, but different form iPhone 7 Plus, the orientation of two lens has rotated 90 degrees. It featured in OLED screen,  wireless charging and the high screen proportion. Sounds really cool, but if only these changes may not satisfy the crazy Apple fans. Let's wait and see what will happen in September 12th .

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