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Quick Look of Today's iPhone News

1/Buy Starbucks coffee through voice conmmands on iPhone


My Starbucks Barisa

According to Apple Insider, Starbucks has allowed iPhone users to buy coffee through voice commands in My Starbucks Barisa. My Starbucks Barisa can accept coffee order, confirm payments and allocate coffee order to nearby Starbucks Store.


2/Springtomize for iOS 10


Springtomize for iOS 10

Filippo Bigarella, the developer of Springtomize, posted a photos of his iPhone screen that included icon of Springtomize. It seems like Springtomize will soon add support for iOS 10. Even though, he didn't mention the specific releasing time of Springtomize. And you know the Springtomize, with Springtomize, the jailbreak tweak, you can customize your aspect of iPhone. Like adding app amounts of Dock, deleting limited pages, customizing lock screen and so on.


3/Ceramic iPhone 8

Ceramic iPhone 8


According to Cult of Mac, Apple company has invented Laser Polishing technology that is used to make a burnishing surface in ceramic material. The technology has been used in Apple Watch Series 2 and will be used in the new iPhone of 2017. Ceramic material owns excellent hardness. If iPhone 8 use ceramic material, it can aviod wear and tear. There is a great possibility that iPhone 8 will use ceramic material and maybe you guys will own ceramic iPhone 8 in the fall of 2017.

Wrote by Ella on 2017.02.06

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