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With $9.99, you can spend a nice day.

In internet world, it is possible for a person to do everything at home. We can buy almost everything at Amazon. And there are many sites in Google. What you need can all buy or find in those sites. And internet can also help us to save money. When we need a call, we can call by Skype to save money. When we need to order a hotel, we can find discount in hotel.com. And if you want to play Minecraft:Pocket Edition, you can find free version in vShare.


Internet is so convenient and helpful. In internet world, we also need a new entertainment way. Today, I am glad to introduce you a new entertainment way to spend a nice day with just $9.99.



In internet world, what we don't need more is entertainment. We can watch Jimmy Show or Ellen Talk Show or PewDiePie short videos on YouTube. We can listen to music or watch a movie or playing some games. However, these things cannot be more interesting. You know what happened next, there is no need to expect something unexpected to happen. So, we need a new and more interesting entertainment way to let us expect something. Watching live is the best choice now. And what you need is just to install a live app.


For instance, lion.live is a live app that has many interesting people to live every day. Some of them will sing or dance. Most of them are talking. They talked everything. And you can talk to them or asked them questions. If you ask something they don't want to answer, don't give up. Give them some "gifts", they will answer. What is more interesting, you can give them "gifts" to ask them to sing or dance. In lion.live, you can know the power of money.

lion.live app


"Gifts" that you send should buy with real money. Don't worry. It doesn't cost a lot. Actually, only $9.99 can make you have a nice day. With $9.99, you can buy 700 gold coins in lion.live. The cheapest "gift" only costs for 3 gold coins. So you can send 233 times "gifts" with $9.99.


lion.live app 1

Paying money to ask question or needs is not the only joy of lion.live. You can make friends in lion.live around the world. There are Chinese, American, Thai, Korean, Arabian, African and so on in lion.live. And you can also make a live on lion.live to show yourself. In lion.live, you cannot know what happened next. Because lion.live is an entertainment way that is full of unexpected things. That is more interesting, isn't it.


If you want to try a new entertainment, click here to download lion.live.

If you want to be a live-anchor, please search vshare at Face-book.Follow and leave a message.


Write by Rose on April 1th 2017

Novelty is always in life.