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New Look of vShare Official Website

Good things always need change. It is the same with vShare. vShare has new official website look yesterday. New look is not only more beautiful, but also more useful. You can see new look of vShare in PC.


New version website of vShare has clearer introductions of vShare VIP and vShare Helper. You will see three banners when you enter into vShare official website. Click each that you want to know more.


PC Tools is vShare Helper. PC client is for iOS users. Android client is for android users.



In the top of vShare website, you can see there are seven columns. Apple Column is not only for iOS users, you can also find android's and windows phone's games apps and games reviews.


Android Market is only for android users. Android users can find free and good games and apps in Android Market. Every day, website editor of vShare Market recommends interesting games and useful apps in first banner.


If you want to personalize your phone and have a new phone look each day. Then you can't miss Android Themes Column. In Android Themes Column, you can find many free phone themes to download. The themes are in OSLauncher that is an app for managing phone desktop. You can get OSLauncher free at first and download themes next. With OSLauncher, (if your phone is android system), you can have iPhone home screen. And you can also make themes for yourself.



In Ringtone and Wallpaper Columns, there are many free ringtones and wallpapers to download. And if you want to know more about vShare Products and their features, you can click News Column to see. If you have any problems, please click Forum and post what bothers you.


As you see more, you will find a small column named Infinite Coin. In Infinite Coin Column, there are many interesting games that has infinite coins at the beginning. For instance, the original gold in game Simcity is zero. However, if you download Simcity in vShare VIP, the original gold of Simcity will be 9,999,999. Such games can only find in vShare VIP's Infinite Coin column. 

infinite golds games


vShare's new look is good and useful. It help to know more about vShare's products.


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Wrote by Rose on 2017.4.12