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If I Lost My Phone, Can I reinstall VIP in My New Phone?

You lost your phone. You feel so sorrow. Just like you lost everything. All pictures that are full of memory were gone. So you buy a new one. And you begin to install apps that you used.

You want to find your Face-book account, so you reinstall a Face-Book app. You want to watch video, so you reinstall YouTube. It is easy and possible to reinstall some apps that you didn't pay for. But for vShare VIP, you found it is impossible to reinstall in your new phone. When you sent email to consumer service, they also told you that you can only buy a new one. But why?



It is because UDID. UDID, Unique Device Identifier, is the unique identification code of iOS device. And for vShare VIP,UDID is the only identification code of vip that can prove you purchased it. Each iPhone has only one UDID. UDID is unique. So. I am sorry to say that you can't reinstall your vip in new iPhone.


It is also why you change your phone, you can't reinstall vShare VIP too. For this condition, you can only re-buy vShare VIP.


Wrote by Rose on 2017.6.2