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How to reinstall Win7 system?

Computer problems are annoying, it lower our work efficiency. Have you ever met these problems? When you are editing a document, you computer suddenly crashed. When you are searching information you may waiting long for program response. After several years use, your computer may not as good as before. I have always met these problems before. My computer was bought 5 years ago. For now, every time I use it, it will cost 2 minutes to start, after 30 minutes of using, my computer will shutting down. Even worse, sometimes it reboots after shutting down again and again. 

Now I find a convenient way to solve these problems. Don't need to spend lots of money you can get a "new" computer as well. USBstart provides you a easy way to reinstall system. Even you are a novice you can use it easily. 

Now I will show you how to use USBstart making a booting USB disk and installing system.

1.Download a USBstart for client ( for windows ) from our websit.

USBstart Chinese website: http://zh-hant.usbstart.com

USBstart English website: http://www.usbstart.com

Download exe. profile and install it by instruction.

2.Prepare a USB disk, the storage space is better more than 6G.

A single USB disk. Do not put any data in it.

3.Make a booting USB disk.

Operating USBstart and insert your USB disk. USBstart will automatically identify your USB disk. In the USB start page find "Start USB Drive" and click "One-click" button. It will show you an image as follow:   

reinstall system1

According to the instruction and waiting several minutes the USB disk can be made successfully. Then you must put gho system file or ISO image file. Please do not download and disseminate pirated systm files.

4.Set up your computer to choose USB as your first boot device, or choose booting up temporarily from USB disk.

For this step please refer to : How to start up PC from USB disk? 

5.Enter PE.

Turn on your PC and boot from USB disk then choose Win10PE.

reinstall system2

USBstart PE has various system management tools, such as disk partition tool and password management tools. Click "one-click" and choose target OSLetter then you can start.

reinstall system3

reinstall system4

reinstall system5

reinstall system6

Is it easy? Learn how to reinstall system, you can help others solve their computer problems, it's really cool, right?