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Three Problems about vShare VIP

1.How to reinstall vShare VIP after removing it from iPad or iPhone ?


First, try to reinstall vShare VIP for three times. If you have tried more than three times, and vip still can't be downloaded. Please send an email that included register email or PayPal account and your issue to vipservice@vshare.com (consumer service). They will help you.

Sending email that includes register email or PayPal account and your issue to vipservice@vshare.com. It is the best way to solve problems.

2.How to reinstall VIP in My New Phone?


For vShare VIP, you found it is impossible to reinstall in your new phone. When you sent email to consumer service, they also told you that you can only buy a new one. But why?


It is because UDID. UDID, Unique Device Identifier, is the unique identification code of iOS device. And for vShare VIP,UDID is the only identification code of vip that can prove you purchased it. Each iPhone has only one UDID. UDID is unique. So. I am sorry to say that you can't reinstall your vip in new iPhone.


It is also why you change your phone, you can't reinstall vShare VIP too. For this condition, you can only re-buy vShare VIP.

3.How To Repair Flash Back of vShare VIP?

vShare VIP is good enough. But, sometimes it may flash back. So, how to repair flash back of vShare VIP?

Search www.vshare.com on computer(it is only for windows users);Find vShare Helper and Choose download;After downloading vShare Helper, connect your iPhone with computer by USB cable;Open vShare Helper and Find "Reauthorization" and Click.

It is easy to repair flash back of vShare VIP, just install a vShare Helper. And vShare Helper can do many useful things, like data recovery, files transfer, DIY ringtones and so on. vShare Helper can do all the things that iTunes does and is easier to use than iTunes.


Wrote by Rose on July 25th.