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Hey Siri, you need an offline mode.


An editor from ComputerWorld, made a research about Siri. He asked "Does Siri need an offline mode?"in a small website. And 88% readers said "Yes". Maybe it is time for Siri to have an offline mode.

said to Siri


Why does Siri need an offline-mode?


We can use Siri at home, office and even in the street. However we can't use Siri under offline mode. It means that there is no way to use Siri to control Airpods under AirPlane Mode, get data from searching Mac and ask for directions with no network connection. It is frustrating for many Apple users.

So, Siri really need an offline-mode.

siri functions


If Siri has an offline-mode, it will:


Set the alarm clock

Show the albums you have on iPhone

Show photos taken in last month

Open an app you want

Show important things on Calendar

Open Maps

Turn on/off the flashlight

Open settings

Raise/lower volume

Do other things you want to do

Apple Siri


If Siri has offline mode, functions of Siri will be raised and strong. It is time for Apple Company to add offline mode.

Wrote by Eric on 2017.01.20.

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