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Sky Guide: View Stars Night or Day

Last week eclipse appeared in American, everyone was astonished by this magnificent astronomical phenomena.



Everyone wants witness the longest total solar eclipse in over a century together! The Solar Eclipse Glasses once sold out in Amazon. People went crazy for this splendid wonder.


What a pity, I can't went to American to see solar eclipse. However, many people shared the splendid view on YouTube. Even though I missed the opportunity to see eclipse, I don't want to miss other beautiful astronomical phenomena.



August is come to end. As hot Summer past, the cool Autumn is coming. If you are an astrophile, it's the best time to observe the universe. Most of us may don't have a professional telescope, so how can we explore the beautiful galaxy without a professional telescope? Now I will recommend you an app which can help you view the sky - Sky Guide.


sky guide-1

Sky Guide is the best app for stargazers. Open Sky Guide and hold your phone towards the sky, starts will show up in your screen clearly. Tap the screen there are more details of constellation will show up. Of course, Sky Guide has more functions waiting for you to explore.


sky guide-2

Sky Guide is a paid app on app store, but you can download it for free on vShare VIP. If you are the old friends of vShare, you may know how to download it. But I will also put a tutorial here: How to install vShare VIP. Go and download it, enjoy the magnificent universe.