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Tiggly Submarine: Perschool ABC Game

Today I will introduce an educational game, this is a good game that help children understand simple words and short vowel sounds.

Tiggly Submarine-1

Cute animation with delicate scene and many other funny elements are designed for children. The cute plot and game design attracts children most. This game add more fun in learning. Let children love to learn, find the fun of learning.

Tiggly Submarine-2

An underwater world of exploration and discovery awaits in Tiggly Submarine! A hungry octopus, a deep sea elevator, and vowel fish are just some of the hilarious characters you'll meet in this app. In Tiggly Submarine you'll learn simple words with short vowel sounds, spelling patterns and exploration.

Use your vowel toys to rescue trapped animals in the ocean cave by detecting the vowel in their name.

Tiggly Submarine-3

Make vowel fish with your Tiggly toys and learn the sounds they make!

Tiggly Submarine-4

Is it really fun? If you have a child in family download this game and play with your child, I believe this game can save you lot of energy in teaching child pronounce. You can also gained lots of fun from playing this game.