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Toca Kitchen 2—Cook Whatever You Want

Toca Kitchen 2 is an educational app that is very popular among children. Toca Kitchen 2 can evoke a child's cooking interest and creativeness. Children can make and cook whatever they want in Toca Kitchen 2. And it is also fun to make a mess or something weird to eat.

toca kitchen 2


In Toca Kithcen 2, a child can make something tasty to please characters' palates. And he/she can also cook something weird but creative to let guests try. Like oven-baked fruits, water-boiled cherries or fried snails. Through guests' reaction, you can discover their preferences. If your guests don't like foods you made, don't worry, it is fun to get the "ew".


Features of Toca Kitchen 2


- New ingredients in the fridge

- New characters to feed

- Stronger character reactions

- Five kitchen tools to cook with

- New juicer and oven

- No rules or stress - just open-ended, kid-directed fun!


Toca Kitchen 2 is 2.99 USD in App Store. So how to get free Toca Kitchen 2 to play? Getting vShare VIP is equal to get free Toca Kitchen 2.


How to get vShare VIP?


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4.Write your Email to receive the VIP installation box

5.After receiving the installation box please install it

6.Find free Toca Kitchen 2 in vShare VIP


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Wrote by Rose on May 23th 2017.