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If you want free paid apps, you will need vShare VIP.

vShare VIP is an useful apps downloading software. You can download free paid games and get infinite gold coins game. You can also get three Face-Book apps and three Twitter apps in one phone.

vShare VIP


Features of vShare VIP

1. Many free paid games and apps.


2.Infinite—infinite gold coins apps;


vShare VIP has an unlimited area that you can attack the monster before clearance and earn gold coins. Besides that, vShare VIP also has precious stones infinite.


3.multi-Apps, install three Face-Book apps in one phone.


Have you ever thought of having the same app twice or more? vShare VIP offers Multi-App feature that allows you to duplicate your wanted apps for many times. It is a cool thing that you installed three Twitter of Face-Book apps in one phone.


If you want to get a vShare VIP, please visit http://www.vshare.com/vip/. And using coupon code: vshare 666666 will save $2 for you.

 vShare VIP1


How to get vShare VIP?


1.visit http://www.vshare.com/down_vshare_vip/

2.Install UDID

3.Complete the payment, enter the discount code:vshare666666 to save $2.

4.Write your Email to receive the VIP installation box

5.After receiving the installation box please install it  


About inviting friends


You have already bought a vshare VIP ,you can get a free 2$ coupon. And your friends can input the coupon code you gave to them and get a 2$ discount. If you invite 10 friend, you can get a free VIP.