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How to enjoy infinite coins with vShare VIP?

Have you ever stuck in one level for a long time? It is really annoying, and reduce a lot of fun of game playing. But when you download an app from vShare VIP, you will find there already many coins in your account. Is it exciting?

Now I will show you how it works. Let's take "Hungry Shark" as example.

First you need install a vShare VIP on your phone. You can see details in "How to install vshare VIP?"

infinite coins1

Then, find "Hungry Shark World" in "infinite" list and install it.

infinite coins2

After finish installation, you need to do the next few steps to verify the certification, then you can enjoy yourself.

infinite coins3

With so so so many coins you can buy the best equipment, enjoy the real VIP treatment.

Hungry Shark